Attorney Camelia Belmont just wants a quiet family Christmas.

But when her adored Auntie Freda dies, Camelia’s world is flipped on end: there’s a killer in the family, her law practice is falling apart, and the consequences of one-too-many cocktails are bubbling up like champagne. Driven by grief (and a little dose of rage), Camelia unpacks a closet full of skeletons even as her family closes ranks against her. Can she discover the murderer before the RCMP pin it all on her?

Camelia Belmont is heading out on a much-needed vacation from her Phoenix law practice when she learns that her favorite aunt has suddenly died. But when stories don’t jive, details don’t add up, and a hasty cremation is ordered, Camelia realizes that Auntie Freda may have been murdered, but the evidence went up in smoke. With suspicions on the rise, Camelia discovers a tampered will, a closet full of skeletons, and a family – including herself – in crisis.  A transformation is taking place in Camelia’s life, but her battle isn’t only justice for Auntie Freda; she is also wrestling with her own terrifying depression and anxiety, while trying to find her place in the not-so-noble world of law.  Despite her family’s resistance and the unexpected involvement of the RCMP, Camelia finds a murderer and her own passion: solving crimes that no one seems to care about.

Set in Regina, Saskatchewan, and Phoenix, Arizona, Death Comes for Christmas is a stand-alone mystery and the first in a series.  Incorporating themes of mental illness and substance abuse, medical ageism, and family conflict, the tone is both sardonic and wise, with rich characters everyone will recognize in their own family

Pamela Donison was an award-winning military journalist and editor, acquisitions manager for a division of Harcourt Brace, and is currently a practicing attorney in Arizona.  Pamela is also the co-founder of UnBound Writers, offering creative writing retreats for attorneys.  She divides her time between Tucson, Arizona, and Vancouver, B.C.

Pamela has published numerous non-fiction articles and chapters in three legal anthologies:  Karen M. Lockwood, The Road to Independence, American Bar Association, 2011; J. Kim Wright, Lawyers as Changemakers: The Global Integrative Law Movement, American Bar Association, 2016; and Marjorie A. Silver, Transforming Justice, Lawyers, and the Practice of Law, Carolina Academic Press, 2017.